Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Woolly Pocket Love

Here are a few pictures of our girls with their Woolly Pockets. They received them for their birthday's this year. They picked out the plants for their pockets and planted them. Dad helped them attach them to their playground. A good friend once told me, "Getting kids involved in growing things ties them to the earth in ways that last a lifetime." Thank you to Woolly Pocket for creating such a wonderful product and assisting us in creating some beautiful memories. They are so proud of their Woolly Pockets! The girls LOVE to read the story about Dudley and Omar at bedtime!"

Ara with her Woolly Pocket
Nora with her Woolly Pocket

Woolly Pocket Companion Book: "Dudley and Omar's Moving Garden"

The Woolly Pockets installed on the girls' playground at home.  

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